Energize Radio

Energize Radio is a project of EnergiZe Media CIC a non profit which provides access, information, entertainment and training as well as a voice for those who are under represented and socially excluded to provide creativity, shared vision and expression to create a positive role model for everyone

Some of the people we work with have specific learning disabilities, mental health problems or just lack confidence.

We aim to provide the no pressure radio experience, something fun, exciting and socially inclusive. Supporting bands, artists, local community groups, charities as well as local business and individuals.

We aim

To offer the chance to learn and use digital media in an informal setting.
To provide a social setting.
A wide music policy that will cater for most of the community.
A selection of day time programming that will include speech programs.
A chance to take part in a radio experience that is friendly, fun with no pressure to sound and be perfect.
To keep local but to include a wider audience at the same time.
To integrate radio into other types of digital media including film, blogging, social media and information technology skills.
To give a voice to those that don’t usually get a chance to get heard

To find out more about the project drop us a line…. enquiries@energizemedia.wales