Our Patron and friend  Angie Dee is a former KISS FM London radio DJ from the early 1990’s, volunteer director and one of the founders of EnergiZe Media Shelley was organising a “radio day” for international women’s day back in 2013, Angie came along as a speaker for the event and got chatting to Shelley who was at a crossroads in life, Angie saw the potential and once the event was over Shelley and Angie remained friends and Shelley will say it was Angie that gave her the confidence to step out of the comfort zone of where she was and to follow her own destiny and the seed for EnergiZe was sown. Here in her own words is a little about Angie’s music and DJ based background

“I have been collecting vinyl since 8 years old and went onto play at friends birthday parties using my Waltham stereo. Progressed from there with more powerful equipment to cater for bookings that were coming in. I wanted to build my own speakers as it was cheaper as my friend was a sound system guy who showed me how. Always been a hands on DIY person. Worked in a office daytime and spent my money on records. After a couple of office jobs decided to leave The Observer newspaper early 1980’s to persue my dj-ing. Had a few gigs and house parties. Loads of music and knowledge then by chance saw an advert in my local newspaper (south london press) from a community radio station many miles away from home. Thamesmead radio were needing volunteers and after a short interview was persuaded to present my own. I really wanted to produce but they didnt have a female voice so I said yes. Training was non existent only to watch what the bloke did!. Pen and pad at the ready with a few hours practicing alone, I started presenting my first soul and gospel show each week. Stayed there 2 years and began following the pirate stations. Once again very few women so no issue getting in. Worked on various in South London, LWR, TKO, Rock2Rock. A few other stations with monthly licenses including a womens station in Bristol called FEM FM. I understand there are archives from them. Thankfully. I was also running the first all female sound system in London doing events. Called ‘Silhouette’. Left the pirates to join Kissfm. I was chosen from one of the unsolicited tapes literally 2 weeks before they went legal in September 1990. As luck would have it the same programme controller from Thamsmead, Grant Goddard worked at Kiss and remembered me. He has written about this in his book. Around 1989 I joined voces with another female dj and we created Spinnin’ Jennies working in various clubs in Mayfair and then went onto promote our own nights in a club in Oxford Street. We were taking the crowd from another club who went onto hire us so both our dj careers took off. Ran a nightclub in Soho for 2 years in the heart of Chinatown whilst working at Kissfm. Was at Kiss for almost 10 years presenting my weekly soul and reggae show for the first few years then the Late Show for a few years before I left. Worked freelance for Jwave Radio in Tokyo as a nightclub researcher giving live reporting from the West End about the club scene. Began to teach young kids and disengaged youngsters dj skills and workshops for the Caribbean elders. Taught teenage girls to dj in the West End for an american theatre production from the USA called Roman Jewels. Awesome experience watching guys perform a rap and dance of Romeo and Juliet. The young guys from London did a role reversal in learning to dance and the girls to dj. We were breaking boundaries back then”

In recent times Angie is still working in audio and there will be more on that over the next few months  🙂